Welcome to the website of Lee Valley Paddlesports Club
Proud to be the resident club at Lee Valley White Water Centre

The Centre opened its doors to us for our first Club Night on Wednesday 7th May 2014 and, with your involvement and support, we continue to develop and deliver part of the 2012 Olympic Legacy.
Our vision is for a vibrant, friendly club offering a full range of paddle sports. Whether you are a beginner, or a world champion, we welcome you to Lee Valley Paddlesports Club!

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Spring Message from the Chair

Now that the evenings are getting lighter and we are seeing a welcome increase in activity on club nights, I thought it was a good time to give club members…
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Safety Skills Training

Legacy Bank Safety Training

There are more Legacy Bank Safety training sessions planned, the next one  being on  17th April , 6.30 to 8pm. Following that, there will be further sessions on June 5th…
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Club News Coaching

New Courses for Club Members on WebCollect

There are a number of new courses for Club Members now bookable on WebCollect. We are offering slalom, freestyle, Legacy introduction and Legacy development white water courses  and, of course,…
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Coaching Slalom

Four Week Slalom Course

From Slalom Coach, IrinaHi all, we’ve added another 4-week slalom course in April. This time it’s a progressive course, open to Olympic-assessed Club Members who previously attended slalom sessions with the Club…
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Rolling Clinics

There are still some spaces for the rolling clinics to be held at the John Warner Sports Centre in Hoddesdon on 27th Jan, 3rd and 24th Feb for Adults (limited)  and…
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Club News

Core Coach Training at Lee Valley White Water Centre

There are two places available for Club Members on a Core Coach Training on 23rd March, 8.30-6pm, and  24th  March 8.30-4pm.  This will be delivered by Jonathan Males, and the course is accredited…
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Club News

First Aid Course

Outdoor First aid course 9th /10th March     A reminder that the 2 day outdoor First Aid course for Club Members is to be held on Saturday and Sunday,  9th/10th March 2024 in…
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Club News

Hurley Fun Day    Saturday 17th February 10.30 – 3pm. 

Club members are invited! The Essex Freestyle Community will be collaborating with the TVfreestylers for a super fun day at Hurley  Sara Barwick writes : ‘If people want to borrow…
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Club News Coaching Recreational Paddling

LVPC Member Survey

LVPC Member Survey – January 2024 Thank you to the 146 club members who responded to our first ever club survey.This represents about 50% of our adult paddling membership so…
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Event News Kayak Cross Recreational Paddling Slalom

Kayak Cross Practice: January 2024

As Kayak cross progresses, especially after its first time at the Olympics this year, it is expected that there will be more and more national events put on.  We would…
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Club News Event News Recreational Paddling

New Year Recreational Paddle

The New Year got off  to a great start with a joint recreational paddle with LVPC, Whoosh  and Allenbury’s Canoe Clubs and Paddlesports Coaching paddling from Ware to Hertford and…
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Club News

LVPC’s Club Constitution

At our November 2023 EGM, some updates were made to our Club Constitution to move the timing of the LVPC AGM so it could take place at a reasonable time…
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For more information on what’s happening within the Club, please follow us on our social media pages.

Cover for Lee Valley Paddlesports Club
Lee Valley Paddlesports Club

Lee Valley Paddlesports Club

Lee Valley Paddlesports Club Ltd is proud to be the resident club for the Lee Valley White Water Centre. We are a community-focused club run by volunteers.

🌊 Attention Lee Valley Paddlesports Club Members! 🚣‍♂️

Get ready to dive back into the white water as we restart our kayak coaching sessions after a long winter break! 🌟 Our Intro to White Water course, including the Stadium White Water Award and Rescue Training, kicks off in April.

🚨 This course is exclusively for club members. 🚨

To participate, you should have the ability to paddle a white water kayak, demonstrate edge control, steer effectively, and perform a capsize drill with a neoprene spray deck. As a guide, the PaddleUK Discover Award represents a minimum level of ability.

🛶 Unsure if this course is right for you? 🤔 Contact us for more details and to discuss further

LVPCmembership@gmail.com or visit our website at www.leevalleypaddlesportsclub.org. Let’s make this paddling season one to remember! 💦 #leevalleypaddlesports #kayakcoaching #whitewateradventure
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About Us

Lee Valley Paddlesports Club is run by its Club Members for its Club Members, to provide paddle sports opportunities across as many of the paddle sports disciplines as we can. We are based at the Lee Valley White Water Centre and were established as the resident club as part of the Olympic Legacy. Our ongoing development as a Club is to meet the needs of our Club Members and to further develop that Legacy.

At the heart of our activities has been our Wednesday Club Night held at the White Water Centre. The sessions that we operate on Club Night vary during the year, so to get the up-to-date information contact our membership Secretary or, if you are already a Club member, check the bookings available on our WebCollect site. Typically a Club Night caters for those who wish to paddle on the Legacy Loop and the Olympic Course, whether as a recreational paddler, freestyler or rafter. We also have sessions that include slalom paddlers, Club Members on development pathways and those furthering specific skills such as bank safety.

The White Water Centre is also where we host our slalom development programme for those wishing to either get in to competitive slalom racing or who wish to further develop their proficiency. For more information see the section below on Join Our Slalom Programme which will link you to an enquiry/registration form.

As it is a world-class white water facility, the Lee Valley Whitewater Centre is not surprisingly our focus for white water activities. As a paddle sports club we do however promote flatwater paddle sports whether for recreational pleasure or for development in the competitive disciplines of Sprint and Marathon. We have a developing programme of flatwater activities for those wishing to start paddle sports and for those competing or wishing to compete in Sprint and Marathon events. These activities are primarily hosted in the sheltered waters of the River Lea at Rammey Island, a little over a mile away from the Lee Valley White Water Centre.

Should you wish to become a member of Lee Valley Paddlesports Club, our Standard LVPC Membership is targeted at encouraging people to get in to paddle sports through our flatwater activities. For those who wish to engage in our white water activities, including raft racing, then our Whitewater Membership will be for you. 


Find out more on the Club from our About LVPC page.


Join Us – How to Become a Member of LVPC

If you are looking to become a member of Lee Valley Paddlesports Club, please contact our Membership Secretary (Pam Phillips) in the first instance, at  lvpcmembership@gmail.com for more details about joining. This will ensure you have the best information we can provide you with on what we currently have available, the fee rates, and what is likely to best suit your paddle sport interests and your current level of skill on the water. 

Please be aware that as we have to book the water courses at the Lee Valley Whitewater Centre to then provide activities to our Club Members, we may have to restrict the number of new Whitewater LVPC Memberships from time-to-time so that we can safely manage the demand for our sessions and the demand on our volunteers who ensure our activities take place.

If you are not joining at the start of our Club Year in the autumn, our Membership Secretary will also make sure you have the current information on the duration of new memberships and the associated membership fees. 

There are more details about being an LVPC Club Member within the Membership page of this website, which includes use of our WebCollect site for joining-up, paying for membership, and booking Club activities to participate in. If you need to borrow paddle sport equipment, then as well as checking with our membership Secretary, you can also find some background information in our ‘Policy Statements’ document.

The following table shows our Membership Fees as at 1st January 2024.

Find out more on Club Membership from our Membership page.

 Join our Slalom Programme

We are delighted to be offering a programme to our Club members who are interested in the discipline of canoe slalom. Our programme is designed to meet a range of needs, from those who would like to improve their boat control by learning slalom technique, to people who are keen to start training and racing.

Whether you are a beginner or already have experience, or whether you are a ‘senior’ or a ‘junior’, please have a look to see if there is an option that you are interested in.

Find out more on LVPC Slalom from our Slalom page.

 How We Operate as a Paddle Sports Club

This website contains pages that describe how we operate as a Club, what our policies and procedures are that all Club Members need to be aware of, how the safeguarding of our Club Members is managed, and, why LVPC is a Limited Company.

Lee Valley Paddlesports Club Limited, which all Club members are members of, has two Directors (both Club Members) who have devolved the running of the Club to a General Committee. The Club’s Constitution describes the Committee, its key officer roles, and the operating of sub-committees etc. LVPC has structures, policies and procedures in place to help keep the Club economically viable, develop paddle sports activities, and look after the safety and welfare of its members.

You can find out more by using this website’s Main Menu or following these links:

 Quality Club Award

We are delighted to announce that LVPC was, for a second year running, awarded ‘Quality Club’ recognition in 2023 by British Canoeing. Follow this LINK for more information. British Canoeing has changed its name in 2024 and is now known as Paddle UK. We will be updating our references as new graphics and logos become available.

Lee Valley Paddlesports Club Ltd

Lee Valley Paddlesports Club Ltd is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee without a share capital. Registered in England & Wales, Company Number 8905366. As the resident club at the Lee Valley White Water Centre, our registered address is Lee Valley White Water Centre, Station Road, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire EN9 1AB.

Lee Valley Paddlesports Club Ltd is a community-focused club run by volunteers to promote participation in paddle sports and to provide paddle sports opportunities.