The Aims and Objectives of LVPC

The Olympic Legacy at the Lee Valley White Water Centre took a step forward with the announcement of a resident paddle sports club based at the Centre. The Lee Valley Paddlesports Club was formed by a volunteer group of paddle sports enthusiasts with the support of the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, the Lee Valley White Water Centre, Canoe England and GB Canoeing.

The vision for the Club is to promote participation across the range of sports that can be hosted at the Lee Valley White Water Centre.

The aims and objectives for the Club are:

(1)  To promote participation in paddlesports through provision of a paddlesports club; and

(2)  To provide facilities for the sport and recreation of paddlesports; and

(3)  To provide coaching and competitive or recreational opportunities; and

(4)  To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club; and

(5)  To promote an enduring Olympic Legacy for canoeing.

Whether your interest is in recreational paddling, freestyle, marathon, polo, rafting, slalom, sprint, wild water racing, or other paddle sport disciplines, or a bit of everything, our ambition is to continue developing an active, engaging, fun and friendly Club environment.

For those who like competition as part of their paddle sports, our ambition is to continue to develop and maintain successful teams in all possible disciplines.

The eight founding members of the general committee established Lee Valley Paddlesports Club Ltd to ensure the benefits of an incorporated club. These benefits include providing the Club with a separate legal identity, limiting the liability for all members, and providing a platform for any future discussions and decisions on applying for charitable status.